Monday, August 2, 2010

Coming Soon to the Moore!

No matter how hard we try, some sounds cannot be unheard. Newsom's voice is one of those. Sure, she's quite cute and a very capable harp player. But that voice... I'll try to describe it. OK, she sounds like a cross between an angry six-year-old and a crazy person. Her tone is grating, her pitch is uncertain at all times and she's constantly singing out of her range. Listening to her is a painful experience. Yes, I know that in the realm of indie music, having a distinctive voice is very important. Singing out of tune is pretty much de rigeur - or at least there are so many indie singers who can't carry a tune in a bucket that it seems like an unwritten rule. I realize that. That's fine. But Newsom's voice truly crosses the line from "distinctive" to "terrible." Anyone going to this show truly has my sympathy.


Anonymous said...

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Igor Keller said...

Uh, you're welcome, lovely spam-bot.