Tuesday, August 31, 2010

After Hours

Alice Cooper. Clones (We're All)

For several weeks back in 1980 - I remember it well - this song was the rage of the radio playlists. Alice Cooper had gone new wave and it was very big news. Back then, AC was a major player, nearly as big as Bowie and far, far more important than Springsteen or Costello. These days, the latter two have surpassed him. But still, in 1980 they played this tune every 15 minutes on KZAM. And it was a joy to hear. I find this video a bit surprising for its stripper-iffic qualities. I mean, I didn't think they invented lap dancing until the nineties. How wrong I was! The truly ironic thing is that in contemporary times - such as they are - all of these women would be deemed too fat for video work by casting agents. I would disagree. And if this video taught me anything, it's that all the people looking after clones walk and act like robots. That seems right. But I really must stress that this is one hell of a great song. Alice's album, Flush the Fashion, short as it may be, was one of the unsung masterpieces of the wave era. The guy had some very interesting stuff to say about the bygone modern times before he eventually became a harmless, heavy-metal boogeyman and a subsequent born-again Christian. For a while, though, he seemed like a genius. Just listen to Billion Dollar Babies and tell me that what you're hearing isn't completely brilliant. I dare you. That is all.

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trompetista said...

I feel like I hear the Cars in there more than anything else. I'm trying to place that keyboard line... but I recognize the ELO-ish riff. Kind of a mishmash tune even if I don't specifically remember it from back in the day.