Thursday, August 26, 2010

After Hours

The Kinks. Till the End of the Day

Here's a bit of a shaky performance from one of the finest British bands of the sixties. Still, they sound quite good. The reason for the wavering tempo and occasionally bizarre harmonies is probably that they can't hear each other so good. Hey, I just heard that their original bassist, Pete Quaife, recently died. Well, as long as Ray Davies is safe, the world is still in good shape. A few years back, he played the good Samaritan in New Orleans and came to the rescue of a woman getting mugging. He got shot for his efforts. He was hit in the leg and he was fine, but it was a close call for everyone who digs classic songwriting. Well, anyway, poor Pete Quaife.

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Anonymous said...

A fun video ... especially close up facial features and shots of the dancers. Thanks, Igor.