Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just Another Night in Belltown

The following was sent to me by a reader who was out the other night. Apparently, the guy on the stretcher had gotten beaten up. Observe:

This takes place on Blanchard St., in front of Fontana and across the street from my building. This has it all: an injured guy, a bunch of people milling around, a shirtless guy, a cop who looks confused and a guy, who may or may not be related to this incident, freaking out and storming away. There isn't a peep about it on the police blotter, so lord knows what caused it or if there were any consequences for anybody. According to my extremely unscientific estimate, only about one out of 20 of these things ever gets noticed. And when it does, it's like, "Oh my God! Society is crumbling just outside our doors! Quick, we must have the Chief of Police come and calm us down!" Well, Diaz did that last week. He addressed problems and allayed fears - and based on what I saw, he did a good job. That was the first time. Pretty soon, he'll get tired of making the trip, and things will be out of control once again. It really didn't take that long - just till the weekend.

My thanks to Bobby for the video.

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Anonymous said...

Another incident near my building. I bet it was a Wednesday and it was the crowd from the Sea Sound Lounge.