Sunday, November 7, 2010

Your Sunday Squirrel

I was at Denny Park yesterday. I saw four squirrels, including one extremely small one. Three of them didn't know what peanuts were. I tried to acquaint them, but it was hopeless. This fellow above wasn't around. I took his picture last week. He has an unusual tail - it's partially bushy, but not totally. I'm sure that he's still making the rounds at the park. He was probably just in some tree chillin'.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks(!!!) for supplying my squirrel fix.

I'm 'West' of Belltown for a week, and here in Waikiki there are no squirrels. But, Googling "Hawaiian squirrels" one gets all sorts of funny results. Seems like Hawaiian wild chickens, some fish, and mongoose have all been dubbed Hawaiian squirrels from time to time.