Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Blast!

What started yesterday as some pretty weak-ass snow turned into something a little more formidable by the afternoon. It was no Class 3 KILL-Storm, but it did have its more wintry moments. Being in Belltown, I had no commute to deal with (that's why I live in Belltown, sweet people), but I did end up waiting for somebody at Buckley's last night who had to negotiate the madness. This is Seattle; snow turns motorists into morons.

Last night was a little on the thrillingly-stormy side, with snow blowing all which-way. Quite a sight, it was. Today, things are pretty. Look:

I also made a visit to Denny Park. No Snow Squirrels. I think squirrels are doing what they do best - surviving. That involves staying home in their tree and watching squirrel television. They have some decent daytime programming, but at night, their stars really do come out to shine. Anyhow, even though there were no squirrels, there was general prettiness around the park. Observe:

Apparently tonight, it's going to be oh-so-very cold - definitely not the time to go streaking. You know, I'm detecting a distinct lack of crazy people out and about. I guess that even those who are completely nuts know when to come in.

On a different topic altogether, I got an email from a guy directing me to a P-I blog post from Dave Nelson about lending your oven to help cook for the homeless this Thanksgiving. You can read about it here. This is cooking FOR the homeless and NOT cooking THE homeless, as I misread at first. Besides, the homeless are a bit too stringy for me. Har, har. And vegetarians taste just like chicken. OK, let's have all the cannibalism jokes you've got! Anyhow, give it a thought. I'll be somewhere else all day, so I won't be able to do it. Plus, my oven seriously sux.


Anonymous said...

"This is cooking FOR the homeless and NOT cooking THE homeless, as I misread at first. "

I laughed out loud.

Anonymous said...

What a great posting!!! You made me visualize the squirrels, all cranked back in their recliners watching the tube ... no, their LCD TV's.