Friday, November 12, 2010

You Know What Happens Next

This is the scene at 3rd & Cedar. These buildings used to be occupied by the Musicians' Union (may they all rot in hell) and a kung fu studio. But once that fence goes up, it means death for those structures. I believe that some kind of 17-story building is going up. Progress, people. Well, the ex-Musicians' Union (may they continue to rot in hell) building is quite ugly, so no great loss. You know, I'm pretty sure those were portable school classrooms that somebody got for cheap, because they sure were rickety. Anyhow, look for dramatic changes to take place on that corner. I do hope that the kung fu place found a new home. I mean, if they haven't, roving gangs of former fu students might further complicate Belltown life.

1 comment:

Calina said...

As long as they rove for good and not evil - ala the newly revealed Seattle 'superheroes'