Friday, September 17, 2010

Once Again, the Cinerama Remodels

Here's something that I'm sure everybody already knows about: the Cinerama is on hiatus. It seems like they remodel every few years these days. The last time I was there, everything seemed quite ship-shape, so I'm guessing that the modifications might have something to do with showing 3D movies. I saw Avatar there for the first time, but then caught it in 3D Imax at Northgate. There was no comparison. The 3D version was vastly better. If the Cinerama is indeed refitting for 3D, I say great. Beginning last year, I've seen about 10 3D films and most have been pretty spectacular in unique ways. And I'm sure that, as usual, even terrible films look good at the Cinerama. However, if they're just getting gum off of the seats, de-stickyfying the floor and replacing the bulbs at the candy counter, then I wish them luck in their endeavor. I'll continue to go even if they don't have 3D capabilities.

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David said...

It is indeed going 3-D. Cinerama is getting a technical, back of the shop, makeover with a new projector, screen and digital sound system. There is also a new management company in place headed by Greg Woods of Portland who redid the fabulous Roseway Theater there. And, for the record, we will also be getting any gum off the seats. Hope to see you there in November for the grand reopening. This is our second remodeling since Paul Allen bought the theater more than 10 years ago and our customers have let us know they expect a state of the art theater.
David Postman, Vulcan Inc.