Monday, September 6, 2010

Et Tu, Tribunali?

Last week, I was going to meet up with a friend at Via Tribunali for their very reasonable happy hour. Just one problem: they were closed. I figured that everybody has a right to not open on a Monday every so often. The next few days, I walked by and peeked in. This is what I saw:

I took this through the window, but you get the idea. It looks like they're renovating, but this is the weird thing: the place is just over a year old. Why would a new restaurant be renovating? There's another, more plausible explanation: they're closed. If you check on their site, the Belltown location no longer exists. This is surprising, since every time I've gone in, it's been very busy. There is no other news on the matter. I really did like them and I tried to go there as often as my budget would allow. Well, even if this location is dead, there are other four other Tribunalis in various neighborhoods.

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Anonymous said...

I heard that the pizza joint is being merged into the Croc, and I think it has re-opened.

I am wondering if this has anything to do with owner Michael Mcconnell's DUI, accident, and assault charges earlier this year. The liquor board takes a dim view of liquor licensees getting in trouble with the law.

So if the pizza joint lost their liquor license, one way to save the business would be to merge it into the Croc.