Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here We Go Again!

I just thought I'd give both my readers a heads-up about my impending plans. It seems that I'm going to Ukraine again. Well, imagine that! I may have mentioned it a while ago, but my cousin Ivas is getting hitched in early October and I want to get in on the festivities. When I first started traveling to Ukraine, Ivas was seven; he's 24 now. And my Russian is only slightly better, but it'll be way, way better than it was for the trip this spring. My mouth and brain both refused to work without vodka. As for my Ukrainian, let's just not talk about it. I will try to speak it, but success is in doubt. That's really not an issue. I'll be out in the Old Country for only a few days, but I get to pass out gifts and moolah like freakin' Santa Claus, so I'll be welcome everywhere I go. After I've sobered up enough to find the train station, I'm off to that wretched city of Odessa to catch my flight to Turkey, where I'll be for three lovely weeks. I will very likely do a fair amount of blogging. I got back from the last trip on June 1st and it seems like my mind never made it back. It's still somewhere in Istanbul. That's the reason for the rather tepid blogging of the summer. Belltown just can't hold my interest while Istanbul's Sultanahmet neighborhood is haunting my memory.

So that's the score. I get to go back. Hooray! I take off soon, but I'll try to put up a few more posts, because, hey, that's what bloggers are supposed to do.

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Dino said...

I hope you will do some blogging and picture taking, as now that I have been there I can relate on some level.