Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wait, WHAT??

I didn't realize that cars had a sexual preference. This is from the Zip Car lot at 4th & Battery. You can go and look at it for yourself. I'm just rather stunned that whoever thought this up actually got someone's approval to have it produced, as it's one of the stupidest things I can imagine having on a banner.

OK folks, I'm slowly getting re-acclimated to this crummy town, so I'll gradually start in with the blogging again. It's tremendously difficult if you had the kind of time I did. If I'd had terrible time, it would have been much easier, I imagine. OK, so I got back here, froze my ass off (I was used to 80+ degree temps) and saw that almost nothing had changed in Belltown. And then a guy got killed right across the street from the Rivoli a few days after my return. I slept through the whole thing - the eight shots, the ensuing chaos, the police response, everything. It was an unfortunate incident. The weird thing is that I felt (and still feel to a certain extent) so disconnected from Belltown that I had absolutely no desire to write about it as I would have prior to my departure. But the more time I spend here, the more likely I am to accept my circumstances and note my surroundings. This return to the neighborhood isn't a life sentence; I'm actually going back to Ukraine this fall for my cousin's wedding, so there's a good chance for more mayhem in Istanbul. I mean, Turkey is just a short plane ride from the Old Country. So that's where things stand. The blogging will continue. I'm pretty sure that it will. Just be slightly patient.


Anonymous said...

I particularly like how the gay car is pink. Because that is obviously what would make a thing gay.

Apparently those Zip car people are unfamiliar with the trend of pink and/or floral button-down shirts for the fashionable (and, presumably, not gay) hipster. Tsk.

Their next ad campaign will be "Some of our best cars are Jews". (The cars in the ads will feature tiny little yarmulkes perched on their tops.) Or, the most popular idea so far, "Some of our best cars are black."

Seriously, what the fuck?!

ruffhauser said...

I just used a Zipcar from the 4th and Battery pod yesterday. I came from across 4th Ave, so I didn't see the front of the banner. All these tourist-types were laughing/pointing as they walked past it. Guess you don't see that sort of thing in Iowa.