Sunday, June 27, 2010

Totally Gay!

OK, so today was the Gay Pride Parade. And there was no reason to miss it since it was all happening over on 4th Avenue. Today's weather was dull and uneventful by conducive enough for all kinds of gayness. Here's an interesting thing:

This guy's name is Seattle Gay News - just like the newspaper. What are the odds of that?? I'd say astronomical! Anyhow, there were also furries:

There was a dog, but I got no good shots of him. There was a "Gay Idol" float:

I'm sure a lot of people put in many hours to build this contraption, but it looked like it was gonna collapse at any moment. There was also a gay fire engine...

...lots of rainbow balloon configurations such as, for example, this:

There was an entire truckload of sex-people with whom you'd probably never want to have sex:

There was a gay bagpipe band...

...proud leather people...

and the drag version of The Wiz:

I'm pretty sure everybody wanted to be Diana Ross. And finally, there was an outfit calling itself "The Gay Team." Get it?? If you do, that probably means you're gay:

And I left soon after that. I missed the rollerskating penis this year. But the motorcycle-riding gorilla almost made up for it:

All in all, the motorcycle display was loud and pointless, but this guy made it worthwhile. He even did tricks! Anyway, this year was just as good as last year, except the weather was worse. But be proud, gay people! That's the point of the whole weekend, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great shots. Indeed; pride!!