Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Went to a Baseball Match!

I haven't been to a sporting event in ages, so when I heard the Cubs were in town, I couldn't resist. Unlike the Mariners, the Cubs are widely adored for being losers. The big question of the night was which team was worse. The answer? More on that later. I was hoping for general admission, but I had to pay $27 for a 300 level seat. Averaging that out over all the years I could have gone but didn't, it's somewhat reasonable. The evening was nice. Here is what the baseball place looked like:
The city beyond it was as follows:

I still have to remind myself that the voters rejected the bond issue to build this stadium. If it wasn't for the Mariners futile run at major-league glory in 1995, we wouldn't have a stadium or a team. I'm not judging here; this would have been the outcome. It ran against the will of the people, but who cares? Anyhow, as night fell, this is what it looked like:

I often forget that baseball is tons more boring on TV. I have a very short attention span and I was alone, but I was quite entertained by the whole thing. Well, a few $8.75 beers helped, too. How did it end? Quite simply, sweet people. The Mariners got a guy on base, and the guy after him hit a home run. That was it; they didn't need anything else. They won 2-0 and I walked back to Belltown. Speaking of that, did you know that in the early nineties, they were seriously considering putting a stadium in Belltown? It would have been disastrous for the neighborhood, but very cool. Just imagine drunk guys from Redmond staggering around at all hours for six months a year. Isn't that what we already have year-round? Well, kind of. If they'd actually gone ahead and done that, I'd probably still be here.

So that was my sports night.

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Kevin said...

I went that night as well! I am always reminded of just how beautiful Seattle is when I'm at Safeco Field, and that's a bit ironic.