Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Ah, now here's a very good reason to change all your medical instructions to DO NOT RESUSCITATE. Yeah, since the Spice Girls, the world has fortunately been totally over girl bands. That was a terrible time, wasn't it? But this particular one is Asian. Does that make any difference? No. If anything, it should be even worse than your average girl band. There's a lot that doesn't translate. And with the backdrop of of the Moore, I don't think these poor girls are doing themselves any favors. I mean, it's old, creaky, smelly and dour. It doesn't exactly scream "girl power," does it? Well, even former American Idol champ, Jordin Sparks, is playing the much smaller Showbox, so I guess these gals should count their blessings. And what would serve as an appropriate opening band for a girl group? A boy group! They're called 2AM - and they all appear to be completely heterosexual. After surveying the bill, all I can say is this: GOD HELP US ALL!!!

1 comment:

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