Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Fundamental Answer

Have you ever paused in the course of the day and wondered about which is more boring: the scoreless first half of a World Cup game between Japan and Cameroon or an Eminem video without any sound. I asked myself this fundamental question this last Monday when I was at the gym. The Japan-Cameroon match seemed more of a competition to see who could kick the ball out of bounds the most. The Eminem video featured him trying to look tough, knitting his brows and staring out at (what I believe to be) the Detroit skyline. You've probably asked yourself this important question many times. So which is it? The Eminem video. Even with sound, it wouldn't be much better. This is the same guy, you'll recall, who rhymed the word "me" with "me" for his hit "Controversy." You know, it's not a rhyme if it's with the same word. It's always easier to write lyrics if you just use the same words over and over again. Anyhow, congratulations, Marshall, you're more boring.

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