Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yeah, I know it's Sunday. I hope your Saturday wasn't ruined by lack of turtle. There's only one left after this one and he's not very interesting. Just thought I'd warn you about that. Anyhow, enjoy this meandering fellow.


Anonymous said...

"Without Igor around to keep control, the neighbors cannot cope."

He didn't literally say it, he didn't literally mean it, but still that message should be clear, anyway.

Anonymous said...

From the corner of 2nd & Blanchard, that turtle could not have escaped the gunfire this weekend. Maybe time to spend more of it watching squirrels who have, perhaps wisely, deserted Belltown.

Igor Keller said...

You know, I saw a crow and a squirrel duking it out on the corner of 2nd & Vine this weekend. It was pretty dramatic. So not only are the squirrels still here, but they're making enemies.