Sunday, January 11, 2015

13. Edmonds

I grew up in Edmonds.  When I visit these days, it seems so very quaint, but back when I was growing up, it was tremendously dull.  Everything was far away from where I lived and my parents pretty much always refused to take me anywhere.  There was no public transportation at the time, so I had to walk.  By the time I was driving age, I made up for all that lost time.  But for some reason, Edmonds was completely overrun with very aggressive cops.  They used to pull teenagers over as a matter of course.  I used to get pulled over all the time for really stupid stuff.  Once, they said that I'd flashed my lights and that was illegal.  A friend of mine got pulled over for stopping on the stripe before the crosswalk - not the crosswalk itself, but the line before it.  The cops were the bane of our existences.  And they were all really fat.  If it was a matter of outrunning them, it would have been no problem, but we all drove.  They pulled us over and we were supposed to appear grateful.  This song is about that frustration.

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LisaKayLindsay said...

I remember the cops in Edmonds were just bored with nothing to do. Once before I drove, my brother and I who could drive but had no car at the time, decided to walk home from the Lynnwood roll-a-way which was pretty far from our house. We only got as far as near Edmonds High School when a cop stopped us and thought I was a runaway and he was my older boyfriend. They treated him so awful! Finally we got my dad to come out and pick us up. Now Edmonds cops have more to do since the city has grown.