Monday, December 8, 2014

7. Facts

The live-ness of Bucking Fus is contrasted by the all-electronic Facts.  You know, when I was writing this, there was all this Tea Party idiocy going on around the country.  It seemed the the more outrageous the lie, the more people were inclined to believe it.  Very little of it had to do with anything resembling policy; it was merely a thinly-veiled personal attack on Obama.  And it worked, as the news media was ready and willing to lend credence to these nut jobs because they stood in very vocal opposition to a popular president.  Never mind that they were bankrolled by just a handful of ultra-conservative billionaires.  That was the source, but what about the rank-and-file members of this awful movement?  What, if anything, was going on in their heads?  The Tea Party of several years ago was a complete joke.  It was like they got together conspiracy theorists of every stripe, gave them poorly-spelled signs and turned them loose on the Mall in D.C. for months at a time.  Their arguments had as much to do with factual information as their organizations had to do with real populist sentiment.  At its height, I don't believe Tea Party membership exceeded the numbers of the American Communist Party.  Yet they accomplished their goal of muddying the waters.  This tune isn't about how facts will shine as a beacon of hope or whatnot.  No, the narrator just vows to keep believing in any stupid crap presented to him.  Facts have no value to him or his cohorts, because they're often at odds with their goals.  And that's what I perceived was at the core of the movement.        

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