Sunday, December 7, 2014

6. The Bucking Fus

I was feeling a lot of frustration going into these recording sessions.  Like I said, I thought my first album, Greater Seattle, would have gotten a warmer reception.  But it did not.  Of course, I thought that this album was going to be hailed as a pop music gem.  It also did not.  After five albums with a combined sales total of under 100, I've learned not to expect anything.  Sure, I occasionally listen to the radio and become moderately enraged at the crap they're playing.  That's why I don't listen to the radio much.  This tune is more resigned than angry.  The bus is of course a metaphor for anonymity, oblivion and failure.  All those things.  Ever since I wrote the music for this (I generally start with the music first and add the words later), I heard it as a jazz arrangement with three trombones at the center of the action.  This was a real blast to record.  And nothing came of it.  And I still ride the bucking fus everywhere.    

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