Monday, December 15, 2014

13. Douchebags Walk the Earth

When you write a song called Douchebags Walk the Earth, what are you trying to achieve?  Are you just doing it for joke value or is there any inherent meaning involved?  Well yes, there's meaning.  All I'm trying to say is that we've progressed this far down the evolutionary gauntlet only to be haunted wherever we go by a bunch of selfish, unthinking, lunk-headed slobs.  Of course, douchebags aren't solely male; it's just that the most egregious examples are males.  Here we humans have all these miraculously complex systems within our bodies that keep us alive and in motion, only so that some of us can put on too much aftershave and have loud, obnoxious conversations on our cell phones.  It seems like something of a waste.  I thought that I would put this in the context of the douchebag - pop dub reggae - in order to drive the point home.  And here it is.  

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