Friday, December 5, 2014

4. King of Lies

As an honest person, I'm intrigued by compulsive liars.  My experience is that such people will lie to anyone about anything just to keep in form.  And they won't necessarily remember what they told to whom, so it's very easy to catch them.  After all, it's easy to lie.  Anything more than that is too much work, which is why lazy people do it all the time.  I wrote this tune with the idea that the bigger the lie, the more willing people are to believe it.  Hey, it worked for Communism; it works for private individuals, too.  But the problem is that if you tell huge lies all the time, you'll eventually get found out.  It's the risk you take by telling lie upon lie.  But what do you get in return?  Well, for a brief time you get adulation from a different sort of people.  Of course, when they find you out, they might have you killed, but you can point to a time when they thought you were pretty neat.

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