Saturday, December 27, 2014

2. Queen Anne

Sorry for the multi-day silence.  There was this holiday called Christmas.  People are really into it.  Including me.  Anyhow, here's Queen Anne.  It's a big song about a neighborhood that I like.  Of course, I'd never live there, because I'm here.  Y'know, in Belltown.  Don't worry, Belltown gets its due very soon.  And it's a really glum track.  This tune is way more exuberant.  Looking back at it, I would have hired more live musicians, but it stands as some of the best fake drumming I've ever done.  As it is, the only actual live guys on it are Ty the organist and Matt the backup singer.  Everything else is totally fake.  Even the guitar solo.  That's me on my rickety Casio keyboard.  And the thing that sounds like a rhythm guitar is really a clavinet.  And a fake one at that.  It's also my trusty Casio.  So there.  It's all trickery!

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