Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Return

Well, it was a hell of a trip, but let me just warn you: the flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt can be rough.  This flight was.  The last one two years ago was much worse.  I thought the plane was going to break apart.  This time wasn't as bad, but it was still majorly unpleasant.  Some woman had a panic attack and babbled nonsense.  I was of course terrified, but compared to her, I was outwardly completely calm.  I was looked after by a Lufthansa flight attendant who apparently recognized the look of somebody who was not "down" with turbulence.  She even asked the captain pre-flight whether it was going to be a smooth trip.  He said it would.  He lied.  That's OK.  She was very nice to me and I got to speak to her in unexpectedly correct German about my groundless fears of crashing.  She had cool glasses.  I didn't catch her name, but if you're reading this, nice Lufthansa flight attendant, thanks again.  Of course, the Canadian next to me was so unconcerned with the situation that at one point he began snoring very loudly.

The flight from Frankfurt Seattle was uneventful and marginally more comfortable than a Turkish bus.  And then I arrived here.   

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