Friday, November 2, 2012

Arsameia and Naked Hercules

Not too far from Nemrut was Antiochos' capital city, Arsameia.  You would think with all the effort and expense that went into building his tomb and temple on Nemrut that the capital would be resplendent.  Well, that's not the case.  You basically get two bas reliefs.  The first is Antiochos shaking hands with Apollo.  That's in really bad condition.  The second is this one with him shaking hands with Hercules.  
"Hello there, Hercules.  I see you're naked.  How's that working out for you?"  Notice how Antiochos is taller than Hercules?  That means he's better.
Here's Hercules in greater detail.  He looks pretty good for being 2,000 years old.  
And here's the view from the "city." Honestly, there's nothing left.  Emre said that people lived on the other side of the hill, but that we couldn't go and see it, so I'm thinking this city wasn't all that great to begin with.  

Anyhow, we did a fair amount of climbing around.  Everyone seemed fresh as a daisy - except me.  I had come down from Nemrut feeling dazed and it was slowly getting worse. 

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