Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Squirrel Stop

This is outside of Belltown (most things, especially good things, are), but I walking to my new gym the other day and I saw this bus stop at 4th & Pike with pigeons and squirrels all over it.  It has signs that it's closed and we all know what's coming next, right?  Yep, they're probably going to tear it down.  All the vignettes have to do with a squirrel and a pigeon (both dressed more or less like rappers) making their way around Seattle and the Northwest in general.  The above picture is at the Market.
Here they are huffing furniture polish in Georgetown.  Not really.  I have no idea where they're huffing furniture polish. 
Space Needle...
...Market again...
...they're at Mt. Rainier here.  Not pictured: Mt. Rainier.
Here's the squirrel listening to his squirrel iPod.  Those ear buds don't look very comfortable, do they?  Anyhow, the rendering of the squirrel isn't bad at all.  I mean, I couldn't do nearly as good - unless you count photography.  I recommend that you go see it before they tear it down.  

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