Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Dam and the Dogs

After checking out from Adiyaman, we headed east to see one of the engineering wonders of Turkey - the Ataturk Dam.  The picture above gives you no sense of scale, but the thing is gigantic.  It's on the Euphrates (yeah, we're that far east) and generates 30% of all Turkey's power.  So it's very big. 
This is downstream from everything.  As you can see, the river was much, much wider once upon a time.  
By this time, I was feeling so ill, I could barely stand.  Just walking to the railing to take the top two pictures had me sweaty and exhausted.  My arms, legs and head ached like the dickens.  So I took a picture of sleeping puppies while everyone else in the group asked questions about the dam.  And then we moved along to one of the greatest archaeological sites on the planet.  

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