Sunday, July 3, 2011

Your Sunday Squirrel

They've filled in all the trenches for the sprinkler lines, but the squirrels are still not venturing out in any numbers. However, I was fortunate enough to run into two little guys who were just hanging out. They seemed to be having fun. Once I introduced peanuts into the mix, they were a lot less friendly with each other. It was a shame, but that's the way most animals are and rodents are probably more extreme than most. Once one of them had a peanut, it became the other's job to steal it away. It made almost no difference that I was trying to give him a peanut, too. Well, I'm sorry I disturbed their morning of fun, but I got some good shots.

Here they are at the base of their tree. The one fellow on the right was quite keen on stealing peanuts even though he'd just go and bury them. This is the guy who was more honest:

I call him Kung Fu Squirrel Jr.

I have more shots, but I need to save them in case the lean times continue.

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Anonymous said...

Nice commentary/observations regarding the psychology of squirrels. And pretty pictures to boot!