Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Big Hole Gets Bigger!

They've been doing quite a bit of digging at the former site of the greatest movie theater in history. It going to be a very large building. Let's hope that it's not too terribly ugly. The excavation process is a little curious; one metal monster (God only knows how it got down there) piles up dirt which is in turn scooped up by another metal monster perched precariously at the top. When I walk by, I expect the upper monster to tumble to the bottom at any given moment. So far that hasn't happen.

When I wrote about this place the last time, someone left a comment about how they missed the blackberry bushes that grew on the site following the unfortunate demolition of the wonderful UA Cinema. That got me to wondering whether there are any blackberries left in Belltown. I know that the squirrels that used to reside around 3rd & Vine are probably gone. I haven't seen one around those parts in over a year. Let's just imagine that they were voluntarily relocated to a nice forest upstate with them packing up all their squirrel belongings into their squirrel suitcases. So has Belltown finally been deprived of all Northwest flora and fauna?

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