Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Longest Tat's Line I've Ever Seen

OK, this didn't happen in Belltown, but it's worth mentioning. I haven't spent too much time declaring my love for Tat's, but I really am addicted to that place. I go down there twice a week and order something meaty. Their cheese steaks are sublime. I had one today and it was superb. Since I'm unemployed, I can get down there early to avoid the line. As I was leaving today, I noticed that it was the longest I've ever seen. Observe:

They're lined up out the door and almost to the corner of 2nd & Yesler. I know that Salumi (located just a little further down 2nd) also deals out a pretty long line, but by my count, there are probably 40 people in line. That beats Salumi by about 20.

So yes, I highly recommend Tat's - unless you're a vegetarian. I wish there was some place like that here in Belltown. The Buffalo Deli at 1st & Blanchard is good, but they don't serve cheese steaks. Belltown needs a Tat's! There, I said it.

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Anonymous said...

Cruel! I am a vegetarian, and the Buffalo Deli is at the base of the building where I live. Drool.