Sunday, July 18, 2010

Your Sunday Squirrel

Here is a different shot of the Independence Squirrel from two weeks ago. Since I'm working these days, there's less time to visit Denny Park. And when I do, squirrels don't seem to be around. But it's still a nice walk to/from the park, so I'll keep going when I can.

In other news, I'm told that it wasn't Zeb they caught on the 14th. Hmmm... We'll see about that. My sources are unreliable. At least that creep hasn't been trying to spray paint his name onto every square inch of blank space on my street lately. Nevertheless, I'm still very interested in wiping out every single last tag by this douche. So there.


Anonymous said...

You need a job involving a commute to work taking you through squirrel country. I lucked out with my workplace being on First Hill, so departing Belltown I get a chance to commune with squirrels in Freeway Park after departing the escalators in the Convention Center. Makes my day.

ruffhauser said...

I was walking through Denny Park on my way to City Hardware on Sunday morning, and I was surprised at the number of people sleeping in the park.

I guess I haven't walked through there in a while. It wasn't intimidating to me, but you could see how some folks would get freaked out by it.

Igor Keller said...

Yeah, now that the weather is (somewhat) warmer, lots of people just camp out there.