Sunday, July 18, 2010

Across the Border: The Bite of Seattle

I haven't been to the Bite in about a million years. I was never all that keen on getting locally fried or boiled food. Most of the fare was uninteresting and there was no place to sit and eat. Well, this year I decided to go. Here's what it looked like:

There was the usual tangle of strollers, array of bad tattoos and mob of people wanting to eat dog at the Korean barbecue place. That hasn't changed. New for me this time was the Catfish Corner stand. I love catfish, so this was a treat. Then I had some garlic fries. Then I saw this squirrel at Denny Park:

I gave him a peanut and that concluded our business. And then I came back home. The end.

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Anonymous said...

Also long removed from The Bite (due to dieting), I eagerly read your posting. Surprisingly, the highlight was the friend you made on the way home. Squirrels uber alles.