Thursday, July 29, 2010

After Hours

Is there anything hotter than FH singing in German? Why, yes, there is: FH singing in German twice. And in between there's a little interview with her speaking very charming tentative German. The interviewer asks whether her feelings come through in her lyrics and, in short, she say yes. She goes on to sing a Teutonic version of "Comment te dire adieu." I still prefer the French rendition. You'll recall that it began life as the British torch song, "It Hurts to Say Goodbye." Thanks to Serge Gainsbourg's evil genius, it became this hip bossa nova number. And thanks to the greed of the record companies, it was translated into German. And there you go.

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Anonymous said...

Exquisite. Doing a right click and selecting 'Watch on YouTube' took me to for additional enjoyment.