Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sidewalk Sale!!

Can you feel the excitement? You can?? Well, can you smell it? Of course you can't! Anyhow, this Saturday (and possibly Sunday) is the next fabulous Rivoli Sidewalk Sale. Hopefully, we'll have many neighbors out front selling lots of interesting stuff. At the very worst, it'll be me trying to unload hundreds of records, a few dozen books, some very nice (and cheap) t-shirts and a several works of bad art. We're theoretically going to start at 11:00, but things may not get into full swing till the early afternoon. So hey, why not come around to 2nd & Blanchard and check out about 400 lbs. of old 78s and LPs. The weatherman says it will be a fine day to both sell and be sold to. Drop on by!

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