Thursday, October 25, 2012


Just a few short miles from Goreme is Uchisar, this big ol' imposing formation that commands views of the surrounding countryside. 
Like everything in Cappadocia, it has all kinds of rooms and chambers dug into it by earlier inhabitants.  They used to let you explore, but too many people died, so they restricted access.  Not to worry though, folks are still falling off the top.  The climb is not a difficult one.  It was already pretty hot (low 80s), so I was rather sweaty when I arrived.  I was even more so when I made it to the top.  
Yes, the view is fantastic.  Goreme is off in the distance.
 Hello, surrounding countryside!
Here's even more!  I stayed up there for quite a while.  Nobody fell off during that time. 
Lest we forget where we are...

Uchisar was a very fun excursion, but even if you stare out at the land for a long time, it doesn't occupy an entire day.  I decided to head up the road to Zelve. 

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