Sunday, October 14, 2012

Further Interruption...

Dear Blog Reading Peoples,
Once again, sincerest apologies for the blogging disruption.  Since I'm returning home this Tuesday, I promise that I will resume where I left off very soon.  There will be some special surprises, exotic locales, tales of epic bus rides, as well as a few guest stars.  This will happen in the future.  For the moment, I'm in Istanbul, which is way, way better than Belltown.  OK, I said it.  It's like somebody threw the entire world together and put in lots of old stuff for everyone to wander around in.  It's just a little like that.  I encourage everyone to visit.  Without at least one Istanbul experience, your life is incomplete.  I'm totally serious. 

Anyhow, that's all you get for now.  I'm off to a pub down the street to watch football (the real American kind, not futbol) and drink beer.  I'm so excited!


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