Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dalyan 2

Here's a last look:
This is the view from where I had breakfast every morning.  Every day was like this.  You know something?  It never got boring.
This is a boat bound for Turtle Beach.  It usually takes around 40 minutes to get through all the reed channels.  That's just enough time to contemplate existence and one's place in it.  Of course, the captain tends to want to play LMFOA or Justin Bieber on the sound system.  This interferes with contemplation.
Here's the front of the boat.  It looks like that.
Then of course, after a long day at the beach, the rock tombs are there on your return.  Where the hell are they gonna go??  Anyhow, Dalyan was wonderful again this time around.  I met very few people, but that was fine.  Even with tour mobs surrounding you, you can still have a good, solitary time.

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