Sunday, September 2, 2012

Your Sunday Squirrel

I saw squirrels again today! There was even one who was so young, he was still pretty wobbly on his legs. He didn't stick around long enough for me to take a picture of him. I only made sure that he wasn't, you know, crippled or anything. No, he could climb a tree just fine. This fellow here in the picture was also pretty new to the world. But he was friendly enough. He wasn't inclined to stand on his hind legs and reach towards the peanut like so many of his brethren. You know, I don't have very many shots like that, because they're over in mere seconds. My camera requires more time than that. Instead, you get what I call the "classic pose," which is the first stage of the squirrel eating a peanut. The second stage is him running away to bury it or him just simply running away to do other squirrel-things. You never can tell with squirrels. They do things for no reason at all. But this guy was nice enough to hold still for a while. And this is the best shot of him.


Anonymous said...

Once again, your words and photographing skills make me smile and think beyond my home in Belltown.


Anonymous said...

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