Monday, September 24, 2012

Making the Rounds

Well, once I'm in town, I become the guest of honor at various houses in both Peremyliv and neighboring Karashintsi.  Here are some people you should meet:
Yours truly with Cousin Roman and his wife, Daria.  Fun fact: Roman's hands are so big he can't wear work gloves! 
Roman's son, Vasily and his super-pretty, super-nice wife, Oksana.  Not pictured: Vasily's brother, Volodya, and his wife, also named Oksana. 
This is Cousin Olya, her son, Ivas (whose wedding I attended two years ago), his wife, also, also Oksana and their daughter, Viktoria.  That child can sure shriek, I tell you what.  Not pictured: Cousin Ivan who was working in Kiev.  I got to speak to him on the phone, though!  He's as jolly as ever. 
Ivan and Olya's daughter, Marika, her husband, the handsome Roman and their son, Maksim.  
This is Cousin Hennik and his wife Lyuba.  This is as close as I could get them to stand next to each other.  Can you feel the love? 
And though you've already met Cousin Arsen and Orest, their house currently centers around the computer.  We ended up watching Avatar dubbed into Russian twice.  I don't know whether I've made this point yet, but here it is:  ten years ago, the house got its first telephone.  At the time, they had no running water and undependable electricity.  Today, they've got a bathroom, shower, tub, toilet and a computer with an internet connection.  That's kind of cool.

Anyhow, not pictured in any of this: how much drinking we did.  It was pretty heroic. 

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