Monday, September 24, 2012

The Next Generation

OK, so I just want to spotlight the youth of the family, some of whom you've already seen, but they're growing, as most children do.  Here they are:
This is Yura.  He's Cousin Bogdan's son.  For a kid, he's quite charming. 
Here he is again - definitely not picking his nose - being held by his uncle, Cousin Andriy.  (There are lots of Volodyas, Romans and Andriys in the family.) 
 And once more with his mom who is NOT named Oksana.  Her name is Lesa.  She's very nice.  Her husband, Cousin Bogdan, is working in Poland.  I talked to him on the phone, too!
Cousin Arsen's son, Volodya...
Volodya's brother, Andriy... 
And the master of disaster himself, Orest.  This kid is a riot.  He's three years old and he spends his whole day wandering around the village.  What could possibly happen?  It's not like there are large animals or dangerous equipment around!  No wait, there's a lot of both of those things all over the place.  I mean, he stands a very good chance of being murdered by a goose if he doesn't watch out.

I have no seperate pictures of Maksim and Viktoria, but you've already seen them.  You know, when I said that Cousin Arsen's boys were nothing but trouble, I was really joking.  They're actually very entertaining.  The twins are kind of weird and slouchy at times.  But Orest is quite the character.  He's more of a force of nature.  Every day he'd come home after wandering around the village and his mom would ask him where he'd been. "I don't know" was always his answer.  Well, at least he always made his way back.

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