Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let's Go to Chernivtsi!

I suggested it to Cousin Arsen and he took care of it.  So on Sunday morning, we headed south in brother-in-law Sergey's nice Renault (with Sergey at the wheel and easy-listening music on the CD player) to what everybody was calling "a really Jewish city" - whatever that is.  Here are the hightlights:

The theater...a nice old building. 
Another nice old building nearby - you get idea.  
We walked past this film set and all these people were wearing period costumes.  They went inside before I could whip out my camera. 
For added effect, they brought in old-timey cars. 
Here's another one! 
Just two guys hangin' out at the university.  Thanks to Sergey for his imaginative camera work. 
Yeah, Chernivtsi is 603 years old.  I know because a sign told me. 
Here's the city assembly building.  This is pretty much at the center of everything.  People wander aimlessly around this area for hours. 
Cousin Arsen and Sergey hit the town!  Splat! 
Here's a career option for Cousin Arsen - coach driver! 
And then there was a wedding... 
...and another nice old building.  This is the Armenian Church.  They have Armenians?  So yeah, everybody calls it a "Jewish city," but where's the proof? Where??   
OK, so then we stopped at the Caravan and I took all those pictures and we drove out to the banks overlooking some tributary of the Dnister and had a picnic.  
Here is the picnic in question.  We (Cousin Arsen and I, not Sergey - he was driving) had vodka in addition.  I chased mine with beer.  I will never do that again.  Never. 
Sergey and Cousin Arsen again.  Thanks to both of them for a fine outing! 

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