Sunday, September 13, 2015

Your Sunday Squirrel

Well, I didn't see a single squirrel in Turkey.  They have them - or so I'm told - but they're just not anywhere I went.  But once back here, there were squirrels aplenty at Denny Park.  Pardon the focus here.  This fellow got way too close way too fast.  I'm trying to get down to the squirrel level more often, but that means that they'll attempt to climb all over you.  Yes, even the most skittish squirrel will want to do that.  Since their claws are sharp, I try to discourage them from getting too close.  I was only partly successful.  He did jump into my lap right after I took this shot, but abruptly realized that I was a really big predator and bolted away.  I coaxed him back with a peanut and we called it even.

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