Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Case Against Taggers

I like the Popsicle.  It's a very accessible piece of pop art, if you will.  It is so popular that the landscapers for the Darth Vader Building had to redesign the area around it because everybody wants to have their picture fake-licking and hopefully not real-licking it.  You'd think that by now all taggers would know the rules, the first and foremost is: don't tag artwork.  This douchebag probably missed that day at Tagger Academy.  Sure, I would rather that taggers didn't exist at all, because, I mean, it's just visual noise with no redeeming value.  In the past, there have been exactly two guys in and around Beltown who have risen above the amateurish realm of territorial pissing: one painted crude skulls, the other large eyes.  Both have long been out of commission.  So now we're stuck with douches like this; someone who thinks that scrawling his initials on something of value and esteem transfers said qualities to him. (I'm assuming it's a guy, because most douche taggers are.)  Either that, or he's done this solely to brag about it.  "Hey dude, I tagged the Popsicle!" Yeah, it's a pretty empty boast, because who cares?  Well, hopefully it will be gone by now, eradicated and consigned to oblivion as should this douche.  What an idiot.     

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