Sunday, September 14, 2014

So Long, Sigs

For years, at the corner of 3rd & Lenora, you'd find Sig's Barbershop.  I went there for around 10 years.  Each time, I'd emerge with a pretty terrible haircut.  The place was run by Sig and his partner, Thor.  Both of them were well over 80 and not entirely unracist.  Sig had a certificate that he would proudly show off to anyone who walked in.  It was a commendation for having voted in every single election for the past 65 years.  Despite his voting record, it would take him forever to give you an awful haircut.  His hands shook, he would get distracted and he'd forget what you wanted.  He also refused to give women and most non-Asian minorities haircuts.  First, Thor passed away (he was pushing 90), then Sig went (probably past 90), but the shop continued.  I have little doubt that they were still not very good.  I had moved on by then.  But now, they've closed up altogether.  I have no idea what would suit that spot besides a barbershop.  Perhaps a tiny, awful diner; I have no idea.  Maybe it will be like Brasa and just sit vacant forever.  Anyhow, so long, Sig's and later incarnations.  You gave me the worst haircuts of my entire life.    

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