Sunday, September 28, 2014

So OK...

The new album is out.  There are 14 tracks that you may like.  Yeah, I know, it's something no one will want.  Everybody reads this crummy blog for the squirrels.  And why not?  They eat peanuts, climb trees and do squirrel-things.  But this evening was the release party.  I had an excellent time making this album.  It sounds pretty great.  You can find it here.  But no big deal.   It's just this kind of superior funk album that you may enjoy.  I never really thought I would ever make something funk-oriented, but that's kind of what happened.  There may come a time when this is the only thing you need to listen to, but I won't ever hold you to it.  The thing is that funk isn't what anyone wants.  But it may be a part of your basic needs.  You won't know until you listen to it.  

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SKing said...

Although I do come here for the squirrel pics and your entertaining views on the downtown Seattle landscape changes, this is a nice change - thanks for uploading elsewhere it as the 30 second samples don't do it justice.
Enjoying it a lot and thanks - great job!!