Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kangaroo City!

Well, not just kangaroos.  There are wallabies, lemurs, alpacas, donkeys and a buttload of peacocks, too.  This place is right outside of Arlington and it's pretty cool.  You get to feed the animals.  Here are some:
Here's a lemur with a lemurette.  They're pretty entertaining when they get to bouncing around.
This is a kangaroo.  They like to lounge.  There's not a whole lot of hopping that goes on.  You feed them pieces of bread and they doze.  Somebody once told me that it's because many species of kangaroo and wallaby are nocturnal.  I guess that would explain things.
Here's a wallaby and her joey.  They had a few moms and joeys around. 
They give you pellets and if you put one between your lips, this alpaca will take it from you.  He was quite gentle.  Also, on the way to this, a goat attacked Stacey's skirt for no reason.  I guess it made sense in goat logic.  I managed to get him to let go by giving him real food. 
Here is another, completely different kangaroo who is lounging.
This is Karl the Ostrich.  Just like the emus and miniature pony they have, you're not supposed to get close to them, because they'll totally mess you up.  Finally at the end, they let you hold a joey.  This one was very sweet:

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