Sunday, May 18, 2014

Your Sunday Squirrel

Once again, we have a snacking squirrel.  I've posted a lot of those lately.  I think it's because there's always so much foot traffic through the park when I'm there that the squirrels are pretty overwhelmed and won't hold still under any circumstances until they've gotten paid.  It might be because squirrels can't count any higher than one.  That's my theory.  See, if you approach them, you're just one predator offering a peanut for some unknown reason.  If there's more than one person in your vicinity, regardless of whether they've with you or not, you become many predators.  You may be offering the world's most delicious peanut, but the squirrel doesn't really care.  Many predators are frightening and they'll generally run up a tree in that vexing way where they keep the entire tree between them and you, so it's like they've disappeared.  Goodwill may be in your heart, but squirrels don't care.    

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