Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Saw This Movie and It Was Fantastic

The Cinerama is having their occasional sci-fi fest.  It is always terrific.  Sure, there's a lot of stuff that you don't want to see, but there are some tremendous films.  OK, so I've seen Forbidden Planet at least half a dozen times, but seeing it on the big screen makes it a new movie.  Yes, it's corny and the romantic sub-plot is almost as bad as Attack of the Clones and all the psychological mumbo-jumbo wears a little thin, but the special effects are really something to behold.  I mean, it's a 58-year-old film that holds up pretty well as an artifact to how we saw space travel/colonization before the space race even started.  Plus, the costumes are pretty cool.  All the crew members look like they work at some vintage gas station. It really was a visionary film.  And there was Robby the Robot before Lost in Space messed him up.

Oh, and I saw Wrath of Khan.  It does not travel well.  i remember it as an action-packed space-faring saga.  It is not.  

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