Sunday, May 4, 2014

What Would You Do?

I was recently kicked out of my basement storage space.  I had been putting stuff down there for around the last 10 years, so it was a major pain to make space in my apartment for stuff that I don't need but can't throw out.  It's all up here now and I'm starting to look like a hoarder.  I did have to sacrifice my 78 record collection.  I had about 700 records.  None of them was particularly valuable, but once they're gone, they're gone.  And now they're gone.  Some of my neighbors got a few, but the overwhelming majority of them ended up in the trash.  There was just no place for them in my apartment.  And that's a sad thing.

It was only after I'd gotten the notice that I found out why I was getting the boot: they're going to grow weed in the former storage space.  I thought that maybe the nightclub was expanding, because the building management was deliberately vague about what was going on, saying that it was being rented as a "commercial space."  I should have known.  Now, I don't smoke weed.  I hate the smell and find that people who smoke too much of it tend to be idiots.  But otherwise, I have no moral objections to it.  In fact, I think that the upcoming legalization is a good thing.  I just don't want it anywhere near me.  Which is why I'm vehemently against this operation in my building.  I simply don't want it growing where I live.  It's a bad idea.

So they're going to grow it in the basement, which isn't exactly ready-made for something like this.  There's no drainage, no ventilation, scant electricity and barely any water.  So they're going to have to make fairly extensive modifications to the space.  This means that there won't be any actual growing happening for quite some time.  This is not such a bad thing, as I want to kill this thing before it gets any further along.  My question to you, sweet people, is what would you do to shut it down?  Keep in mind that pot is legal.  Also keep in mind that I have no intention of vandalizing or sabotaging anything.  I want to know if anyone has any good and legal ways of making this terrible, terrible idea go away.  Hey, if somebody wants to grow weed in an industrial or rural area, more power to them.  I just think that a commercial grow op in a residential building is stupid.  I mean, if something like this was happening in your building, how would you feel?  Not only that, but it's taking place directly below me.

I recently got some very good guidance from city zoning, so I might be able to shut things down for quite a while.  I'm more interested in something more permanent.  Let these dudes grow their weed somewhere else.  Any additional advice would be most welcome.        


Anonymous said...

Check to see if they have a license to do this. Washington State isn't quite handing those out like candy yet.

Sorry about the records. Maybe e-bay for your other worldy goods...?

LisaKayLindsay said...

Just wondering what happened with this? Were you or someone else able to stop this? Sorry I'm just reading this but am curious now.