Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Did an Art-Thing

This is a photo from the beginning of the NEPO (open spelled backwards) 5k Non-Run in Occidental Square. These guys are on this large contraption that was supposed to be a mobile finish line that was supposed to meet us at the end on Beacon Hill. Well, the sign was there, but the contraption apparently didn't make it. The design seemed cool; there were all these people pedaling it, but it was very slow and terrible on hills. Anyhow, that was the beginning of the event at around 2:30. Three hours later, we were done. What this turned out to be was a combination art/performance walk. I walked with my friend Jim and his brother Andy. It was really quite excellent. Some of the performances weren't that great, but it was a beautiful day and everyone was in a good mood, so gripping performances didn't really matter. I forgot my camera and only ended up taking two pictures with my phone. There was simply too much to document. This is the other picture I took:

I'm pretty sure this wasn't part of the art, but maybe it was. I didn't ask, because who the heck loses an iguana? Anyhow, I walked through parts of Seattle that I seldom encounter. We ended up on Beacon Hill shortly before 6:00, rather weary, but with a feeling that Seattle isn't completely boring. This was really a great event. My praise to all those who organized this.

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