Sunday, September 18, 2011

Here's Something That Isn't Completely Stupid

Not long ago, I discovered quite by accident that if you show up at the south end of Lake Union at a certain time, you'll see a whole flock of sea planes land one after the other. It's really quite a sight. I guessing that the planes spend the night up in Kenmore. But with the beginning of the day, they're needed on Lake Union, so five or so of them swoop in, land and moor up at Kenmore Air's dock. They usually land anywhere from 8:30-45. I've only seen them on Saturdays, so their weekday schedule might be different. Here's what one of those planes looked like yesterday:
It's tough filming them land because they put down right in the middle of the lake. But it's a reason to walk to Lake Union fairly early in the morning. Speaking of Lake Union, a week ago I was just sitting around waiting for the planes to show when I saw something in the water. At first, I thought it was a log, but it was swimming. It turned out to be - get this - a beaver. OK, so there are beavers in Lake Union. That's kind of cool.

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